Keep track of your website's tags

Tag Tracker is an extension to help you analyze the triggering of tags on your site in an uncomplicated and simple way. Made by Raccoon Digital Marketing Agency, it is compatible with Chrome and is available for free download at the Chrome Store.


Tags are code snippets inserted on websites that collect information on user behavior. Some of the collected data are cursor clicking information, products added to cart, user page flux and many other events.


Through tags, it is possible to monitor both site and product performance. They provide relevant information to support strategic and structural decision making about the site.

By tracking user behavior, it is possible to observe:

Users' flux i.e., paths followed inside the website until users are able to take an action pre-established as goal

Number of unconcluded actions, so to gather insights on how to increase the number of achieved goals

User engagement with website's valuable content

Discover information on session attribuition through search engines, social media and price comparators

User profiles that complete or not established goals, delivering more assertive marketing strategies

Dynamic remarketing strategies in medias like AdWords and Facebook


Tag Tracker is a tag assistant extension that analyzes tags from Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Ads. It shows tags' status, describing them as: correct, partially correct and wrong, following patterns specified by media documentation.

In the modal pop up, shown at the extension, we have the following funcionalities:

<ul><li>Media filters;</li><li>Tag ID filters;</li><li> Currently firing tags;</li><li> Tag analysis: correct, wrong and warnings.</li></ul>

On Google Dev Tools, available when pressing Ctrl+Shitf+J when using Windows/Linux and Cmd+Opt+J when using Mac, we have the following funcionalities:

<ul><li> References for parameters: name and link to documentation;</li><li> Pushes into dataLayer;</li><li> Triggers for postmessage;</li><li> Current firing tags;</li><li> Tag analysis: correct, wrong and warnings.</li></ul>

After completing a flow into the website, you can download the data captured from our modal by clicking into "Generate PDF".

Wrong tag configuration can result in bad business decision making.

Find misleading tags early!

Access the extension's link
Press the button "Use in Chrome Store"
Select "Add extension"


I can't download the extension
<ul><li>Check your Chrome version: it must be at least v:79.0.3945.88. </li></ul>
I can't see any tags
<ul><li>Make sure that the site you want to analyze is open.</li><li> Make sure our extension is enabled </li> - To enable, click on the button at the upper part of the modal. <li> Make sure to select at least one tag filter </li> - It is possible to activate/deactivate filters in the tab “filters”. <li> Make sure Adblock is disabled. </li></ul>
Filters are not working
<ol><li> Make sure you've select the media or ID you want to filter. </li><li> After choosing filters, it is necessary to click on the button “APPLY AND RELOAD”.</li></ol>
I want to enable the extension
<ol><li> Make sure the extension is disabled. </li><li> To enable, press the button at the upper right corner. </li></ol>
I want to disable the extension
<ol><li> Make sure the extension is enabled. </li><li> To disable, press the button at the upper right corner . </li></ol>
I'd like to get in touch
<ol><li> Find the “Help” tab. </li><li> Fill the form to send us a message. </li></ol>
I can't send the form
<ul><li> Make sure all fields are filled.</li></ul>


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